City 2.5

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Julia 2.5

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2 698.00 CHF
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À propos du produit

The urban E-Bike Julia blends Retro Chic with cutting-edge technology. Its low-step frame ensures ergonomic comfort with an upright seating position. Thanks to its sturdy build and premium components, the Julia E-Bike is not just a stylish mode of transportation but also highly reliable and durable. The modern drive system provides powerful pedal assistance, enabling effortless progress even on challenging terrain. The integrated battery ensures a long range and can be conveniently charged via a standard power outlet. With its elegant design and versatility, the Julia is perfect for daily city commuting or relaxed nature outings. Experience the highest level of riding enjoyment and comfort with the E-Bike Julia.

*The advertised range is based on normal conditions. Depending on a set of factors, it may vary significantly, though. These factors include total weight of rider and other load, battery age and state of charge, tyre pressure and tread, pedaling consistency, cadence and support level, riding speed and gear changes and weather conditions and terrain.


Classic 3.5

Classic (25 km/h)

Classic 3.5

2 998.00 CHF
Explorer 2.5

Explorer (25 km/h)

Explorer 2.5

3 298.00 CHF
Sattel Explorer Modelle


Sattel Explorer Modelle

68.00 CHF
Griffe City Modelle

Guidon & poignées

Griffe City Modelle

29.00 CHF
Ladegerät Explorer Modelle

Batterie et Chargeurs

Ladegerät Explorer Modelle

89.00 CHF