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Smart security features mitigate the risks of theft.

Digital Lock
A feature allowing you to lock your e-bike electronically via the EGO Movement App.

Movement Alert
A push notification that you get on your phone when the bike has been moved in a locked state. The IoT device sends a message to the EGO Movement App server via the cellular network after the IoT accelerometer has detected the movement of the bike. This triggers an in-app alert on your phone.

Locate Vehicle
Vehicle location data is based on GPS data sent out by the IoT module. The vehicle location is updated periodically and only in cases when the e-bike is being moved. The location data is not updated when the bike is not being moved. IoT provides good GPS accuracy due to using 3 different Satellite systems simultaneously.

Set Route Navigation
You can search for your destination in the EGO Movement App, select the preferred route, and navigate to it using the turn-by-turn navigation feature powered by Mapbox.

Change Assist Level
You can change your e-bike assist level from 0 to 5 both via Bluetooth and cellular command in the EGO Movement App.

Switch Lights On-Off
It is possible to switch the bike lights on and off via a command in the EGO Movement App.

Axa Smart Lock (Optional)
If your e-bike is equipped with an optional Axa Smart Lock, pushing the lock button in the app will open the lock security mechanism for 30 seconds thereby allowing you to physically close the Axa lock before leaving the bike. Instructions to do that are shown in-app. Once you return to your e-bike, pushing the unlock button in the app will release both the Axa lock as well as the digital lock together.

Installation and GSM data connection included for 5 years.*

Available for the following EGO Movement e-bike models:

• Classic 3.0 / 3.5
• City 2.0 / 2.5
• Big Lebowski 2.0 / 2.5
• Great Gatsby 2.0 / 2.5

*GPS module-dependent functions Digital Lock, Movement Alert and Vehicle Localization require a GSM connection. The EGO Movement app itself connects to the bike via Bluetooth to facilitate the other features. The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free.


City 2.5

City (25 km/h)

City 2.5

2 698.00 CHF
Classic 3.5

Classic (25 km/h)

Classic 3.5

2 998.00 CHF
Electronic frame lock

Diebstahlschutz & Pflege

Electronic frame lock

148.00 CHF

Skarabäus (25km/h)


2 298.00 CHF